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The Road to Wellness Workbook

The Road To Wellness Workbook.

The Road to Wellness Workbook is designed to provide education, emotional support, and inspiration to persons suffering from addiction.  It offers step-by-step lessons to people striving to turn their lives around.  This Workbook is designed to be worked with a professional addiction specialist.  Call a therapist for best results completing the assignments in this workbook.

We are addressing any type of substance addiction, abuse, or dependency.  When we speak of addiction, we do not mean just addiction to alcohol or drugs.  We are also including such addictive behaviors as overeating, compulsive problem gambling, overworking, and sex addiction, all of which are potentially destructive addictive behaviors.   The Road to Wellness Workbook will inform you how negative issues can be transformed into positive actions to help with your self-improvement – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. Use Amazon to purchase the Road to Wellness Workbook. The price is an affordable $11.95

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